and Crime Prevention

You are one of the most valuable assets our law enforcement officers have.  

Know your neighbors and look after one another.

If you see anything at all suspicious, call Dispatch at 803-252-2911.

If you see a crime in progress, call 911 immediately and stay on the line until the dispatcher tells you the call is complete.

Make your home look occupied, with shades closed, lights on, and a radio playing. An old pair of muddy work boots at the back door is good.

If you are home and a stranger comes to your door, speak to them through the closed, locked door. Do not pretend to be away; if someone is casing your home for a robbery, they will rarely break in if someone’s there.

Do not leave valuables in your parked car. Always lock your car doors.

Keep garden tools locked away.



RAIDS ONLINE current crime stats for your area

Columbia Police Department

CPD’s crime prevention tips

CPD’s house check service

Columbia Police Department  would also encourage citizens to contact the Crime Prevention Unit to schedule a burglary assessment. The assessment involves a Crime Prevention Officer responding to the physical location of the home or business and inspecting the physical security measures in place. For more information about a burglary assessment or other crime preventive tips please call 803-545-3555.

Richland County Sheriff’s Department

RCSD’s crime prevention tips

RCSD’s special property checks

The Sheriff’s Department is happy to place your home on our special property check list while you are away on vacation. In order to do so, complete an online request, or simply to call the Sheriff’s Department (576-3000) and ask for the Desk Sergeant.  To speed things along, please have the following information available at the time of your call.

  • The dates you will be gone.
  • Owner of the property with phone number and address.
  • Emergency contact person with phone number and address
  • Alarm system and company if any.
  • Any lights that will be left on at the location.
  • Any vehicles that will be left at the location.
  • Any pets that will be at the location.
  • Anyone else who will be checking the property (name and vehicle info)

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